Ofelia & Antelmo


Gabriela Martínez and Paloma Romero, both graduates from the fashion and textile design degree in Centro, join their passions of keeping the artisan’s textile techniques alive, in order to create unique pieces where they take the process of the making as their central point. They have particular interest in the exploration of materials and techniques, which in this case is the embroidery on palm leaves, and they share the need to find new design proposals in the textile world.
Driven by the fusion among art and design, they both seek for a slow fashion and sustainable alternative. Ofelia & Antelmo: in an artistic proposal by Gabriela Martínez, presented in two different ways that complement each other: textile and wearable art, as well as artisanal accessories.
The visual proposal comes from the exploration of organic textures and patterns that invite the viewer to stop and contemplate. It takes the old textile techniques -especially hand embroidery- and translates them into contemporary, prioritizing the time of the procedure, inviting us to raise awareness of our way of consumption.